Brainbench Certified Internet Professional

Brainbench Certified Internet ProfessionalThe Brainbench Certified Internet Professional (BCIP) is designed to help individuals develop and validate their skills in Internet-related technologies. This program allows individuals to structure their certification program based on their skill sets and job requirements, rather than a predefined set of technologies. In addition, users have the convenience of completing the certifications online through the Brainbench web site.

The BCIP program is divided into three areas of certification:

Web Designer Web Developer Web Administrator

To complete a certification a combination of core concept, application, and technology-specific tests must be completed. The core concept test will assess the individual on his or her knowledge of the fundamentals of the certification. Individuals will be able to select the application- and technology-specific tests that best suit their skills from an approved list.

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ElementK Training for the BCIP program is available through Element K. You can also chat with other Brainbench members who are benefiting from this new program in our Discussion Forums.

Element K fully endorses Brainbench Certified Internet Professional series of certifications and is the only Brainbench Authorized provider of curriculum to support this program. Element K provides the most comprehensive line of IT professional training courseware in the industry.

CompTIA i-net+ logoCompTIA and Brainbench have now mapped CompTIA's i-Net+ certification, the global standard of entry-level competency in knowledge of Internet, Intranet, and Extranet technologies, to the BCIP program. For IT professionals that are interested in pursuing an Internet career, it is recomended that they start by studying for and earning CompTIA's i-Net+ certification. This certification, administered only as a proctored exam, covers Internet basics and clients, development, networking, Internet security, and business concepts. The intent of i-Net+ is to certify that an individual has mastered a body of knowledge typically possessed by those with six months on-the-job Internet experience.

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