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My current duties concern SIP VoIP networks which are based on fast-developing technologies. I developed several tools to debug and troubleshoot SIP protocol implementations. I wish to expand my expertise in this area implementing the converged multiservice networks and learning the technologies that have great potential. I also hold a steady interest in GSM networks, IMS framework and interconnect platforms between TDM world and IP-based networks. I am an active member of several open source projects. The ideal position would be a Network engineer (focused on VoIP and signaling protocols)

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27/23 Malynovskoho str., app.395
Kyiv 04210
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* 2003 - 2007: Studying at the Chair of telecommunications and information security, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Have bachelor's degree.
Specialty: 7.160105 - information security for computer systems and networks


October 2007 – Present
PortaOne, Inc (vendor of VoIP billing and SIP solutions) - QA Engineer
* Develop functional, RFC compliance and performance tests
* Execute test cases and test plans using test tools or manual execution
* Create and review test cases and test plans based on functional specifications
* Identify, isolate and document software defects, either independently or with QA/Development peers
* Analysis and diagnosis of issues found in the field
* Develop custom automation tools
* Participate in code reviews
* Mentor junior team members
* Provide status and escalate issues to Team Lead as needed

March 2006 – September 2007
PortaOne, Inc (vendor of VoIP billing and SIP solutions) - Support Engineer
* Administrating VoIP billing - PortaBilling100, Class 4,5 SIP softswitch - PortaSIP, Unified Messaging System - PortaUM and Unix-based VoIP PBX - PBXpress
* Administrating FreeBSD, MySQL and common network services
* Configuring and troubleshooting Cisco universal gateways. Implementing TCL and VoiceXML applications in voice gateways
* Troubleshooting h323, sip, h323 to sip and sip to h323 calls in IP environment
* Troubleshooting one-way audio, two-way no-audio, fax, codecs and interop issues in VoIP
* Implementing call routing, authorization and accounting
* Customers support, problem diagnosis and solving
* Software updates and patches installation, systems monitoring (database, storage, security)
* Small programming tasks (Perl, shell scripting)


* Authored several articles for ITC Publishing House (www.itc.ua) and SysAdmin magazine (www.samag.ru)
* Elaborated tests for the course of Network security at RetraTech online certification center (www.certifications.ru)


Computer languages
* Good knowledge of C, C++, Perl, shell scripting, TCL and SQL
* Familiar with Python and Haskell

Software engineering
* Known APIs: POSIX API, OpenSSL API and Cisco TCL IVR API 2.0
* Development tools: GCC, autotools, make, CVS, Subversion, Darcs and Eclipse IDE

Network engineering
* SIP protocol expert (incl. presence, messaging and XCAP)
* Basic knowledge of H.323 and Q.931 signaling protocols
* Familiar with GSM networks, SS7, SS7oIP concept & SIGTRAN suite of protocols
* VoIP appliances: experienced with Cisco VoIP gateways, SER, OpenSER and Yate; familiar with Asterisk, Mera MVTS and Quintum's
* Testing: SIPp, Net::SIP and Selenium
* Routing protocols: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, single-area OSFP and BGPv4 elements
* WAN technologies: ISDN and Frame Relay
* LAN technologies: STP, VLAN and VTP
* Others: RADIUS (including Cisco VSAs for RADIUS) and TACACS+

Administration skills
* FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and Sun Solaris 9/10
* Cisco: experienced with AS series universal gateways, Cisco IPIPGW, Cisco 2800 series and Catalyst 2950
* RDBMS: MySQL and Oracle Database 11g, ASM, RAC
* Most classic network services: mail (exim, sendmail), HTTP (apache 1.3.x/2.0.x+ssl), DNS (bind 8.x.x/9.x.x), network monitoring (nagios), VPN (ppp, mpd, natd), firewalls (pf, ipfw, iptables) etc


* CCNA Certified (Certificate Verification No. 391606104139FMDN)
* Brainbench certifications (Transcript ID#: 5248798): Master Cisco Router Fundamentals, Master Firewall Administration Concepts, Master Network Security, Master Linux Administration (General), Unix Administration (Solaris 9), Cisco Network Design, RDBMS Concepts, C, C++, Perl


* Finalist of the 2nd Students' International Cisco Systems Olympiad


* Good written and spoken English
* Fluent Ukrainian
* Fluent Russian


* Photography
* Traveling
* Oriental culture

Brainbench and Other Certifications
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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 2007-03-19 Cisco
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