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Technical Trainer (IT)

Responsible for creating, tailoring, and providing training and development programs and materials to suit the requirements of employees and/or customers of a company or organization that specializes in a particualr aspect of information technology. A Technical Trainer (IT) must have a solid grasp of the technical subject in which the training is to take place in order to convey the requisite knowledge to trainees. A person in this position confers with organization managers, customer representatives, and other entities and resources to determine technical training needs, including program goals and objectives; scheduling, location, and equipment; and trainee recruitment, placement, and skills evaluation. A Technical Trainer (IT) maintains records and writes reports to monitor and evaluate technical training activities and program effectiveness. A person in this position may also be called upon to supervise, monitor, and evaluate other technical instructors.

Required (Select 9)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
Business Writing $49.95
Diversity Awareness (U.S.) $49.95
Listening Skills $49.95
Managing People (U.S.) $49.95
Presentation Skills $49.95
Sexual Harassment Awareness (U.S.) $49.95
Technical Writing $49.95
Training Delivery and Evaluation $49.95
Training Development $49.95

Elective (Select 2)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
Client/Server Concepts $49.95
Data Modeling Concepts $49.95
Data Warehousing Concepts $49.95
E-Commerce Concepts $49.95
Embedded Systems Concepts $49.95
Informatica PowerMart/PowerCenter 6.2.1 $49.95
Internet Concepts $49.95
Networking Concepts $49.95
OO Concepts $49.95
Programming Concepts $49.95
RDBMS Concepts $49.95
Web Design Concepts $49.95
Web Development Concepts $49.95
Web Services Concepts $49.95
XML Concepts $49.95