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Software Quality Analyst

Responsible for applying the principles and practices of software quality assurance throughout the system lifecycle. Through testing, analysis, and observation, a person in this position not only ensures that requirements and standards have been met and processes and procedures followed but also that evidence of unwanted changes/defects has been reported and eliminated and the system retested. A person in this position must be familiar with a variety of testing techniques and tools as well as with various types of testing and their purpose and role in the system life cycle. A Software Quality Analyst is often responsible for establishing testing guidelines and creating or modifying test deliverables, such as plans, test cases/scripts, reports, and evaluations. A person in this position may be part of or lead a Quality Assurance team and must have a fundamental knowledge of networking components and protocols as well as basic structured programming.

Required (Select 6)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
Business Communication $49.95
Customer Requirements Analysis $49.95
Information Technology Security Fundamentals $49.95
Software Quality Assurance $49.95
Software Testing $49.95
Technical Writing $49.95

Elective 1 (Select 2)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
SEI Capability Maturity Model Implementation $49.95
SEI Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) $49.95
Software Business Analysis $49.95
Software Configuration Management $49.95
Time Management (U.S.) $49.95

Elective 2 (Select 1)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
.NET Framework $49.95
.NET Framework 3.5 $49.95
.NET Framework 4.0 $49.95
.NET Framework 4.5 $49.95
.Net Framework 2.0 $49.95
C $49.95
C++ $49.95
C11 $49.95
HTML 4.0 $49.95
HTML5 $49.95
JCL $49.95
Java 2 $49.95
Java 5 $49.95
Java 6 $49.95
Java 6 - GUI $49.95
Java 7 $49.95
JavaScript 1.5 $49.95
JavaScript 1.8 $49.95
MS SQL Server 2000 Programming $49.95
MS SQL Server 2005 Programming $49.95
MS SQL Server 2008 Programming $49.95
MS SQL Server 6.5 Programming $49.95
MS SQL Server 7 Programming $49.95
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) $49.95
Objective-C 2.0 $49.95
Oracle PL/SQL $49.95
SQL (ANSI) $49.95
Unified Modeling Language (UML) $49.95
Unix Korn Shell Scripting $49.95
Visual Basic 6.0 $49.95
XML $49.95

Elective 3 (Select 1)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
Linux Administration (General) $49.95
MS Windows 2000 Server Administration $49.95
MS Windows Server 2003 Administration $49.95
MS Windows Server 2008 Administration $49.95
Server Administration $49.95
Unix Administration (General) $49.95

Elective 4 (Select 1)

Product Name/Outline Get
Test Cost
Client/Server Concepts $49.95
E-Commerce Concepts $49.95
Networking Concepts $49.95
OO Concepts $49.95
RDBMS Concepts $49.95
Web Development Concepts $49.95