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Market Research Analyst

Responsible for researching market conditions in local, regional, or national areas to identify marketing trends and to determine potential sales of a product or service. A Market Research Analyst determines effective research methodology and formats (for example, surveys, opinion polls, and questionnaires) for gathering information on competitors, pricing, sales, methods of marketing and distribution, customer preferences and buying habits, and consumer reaction to new or improved products or services. A person in this position is also called upon to transform survey results into reports, graphs, and charts to illustrate findings and to use those findings to create and present marketing campaigns to management for consideration.

Required (Select 6)

Product Name/Outline Test Cost
Business Math $49.95
Business Writing $49.95
Market Research $49.95
Marketing Concepts $49.95
Presentation Skills $49.95
Sales Concepts (U.S.) $49.95

Elective 1 (Select 1)

Product Name/Outline Test Cost
MS Access 2000 Fundamentals $49.95
MS Access 2002 Fundamentals $49.95
MS Access 2003 $49.95
MS Access 2010 $49.95
MS Excel 2000 $49.95
MS Excel 2002 $49.95
MS Excel 2003 $49.95
MS Excel 2007 $49.95
MS Excel 2010 $49.95
MS Excel 97 $49.95
SAP Basis Administration $49.95
SAS 6.0 (Base) $49.95
SPSS 10 $49.95