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Flash 5


Our Flash 5 test measures your knowledge of developing graphics presentations using Macromedia's Flash 5. Designed for experienced developers, this test covers the following topics: Advanced Actions, Animation, Buttons, Movie Management, Objects, Publishing and Exporting, Sound, and Tools.

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Test Outline

Advanced Actions
Calling Different URL's
Drag Movie Clip
External Communication
Load Movie
Pop-Up Menus
Target Paths
Using Variables
Assigning Actions to a Frame
Copy and Paste Frames
Frame Actions
Frame by Frame Animation
Inserting and Deleting Frames
Instance Transitions
Jumping to a Frame or Scene
Onion Skinning Controls
Testing if Frame is Loaded
Tweening Motion on a Path
Tweening Shapes
Animated Buttons
Applying Actions
Button States
Creating Buttons
Invisible Buttons
Movie Management
Hiding, Locking for Layers
Printing Movies
Sharing Resources
Movie Management`
Aligning Objects
Convert Bitmaps to Vectors
Duplicating Objects
Importing Files
Managing Symbols
Modifying Shapes
Symbol Behaviors
Using an Instance of a Symbol
Publishing and Exporting
Exporting a Single Image
HTML Settings
Image Settings
Optimizing Movies
Publish Settings
Sound Settings
Testing Movie Performance
Adding Sound to Buttons
Applying in Frame Properties
Compression Settings
Importing Sound Files
Arrow Tool
Brush Tool
Convert True-Type to Vectors
Creating and Modifying Text
Embedding Fonts
Eraser Tool
Lines, Ovals, Rectangles
Modifying Fills and Outlines
Outlines & Color
Pen Tool
Pencil Tool
Smoothing and Straightening