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Internet Research and Evaluation (U.S.)


Our Internet Research and Evaluation test measures your ability to find and evaluate information on the Internet. Designed for all professionals, this test covers the following topics: Search Engines, Browsers, Business Information, Individuals, Government Data, Dictionaries, User Contributed, Search Service Bureaus, Map and Atlas, Genealogy, Libraries, Health and Medical, and Job Searching.


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Test Outline

File Transfers
General Configuration
Security and Viruses
Consumer Information
Financial News and Reports
Product Reviews and Pricing
Trade Organizations and Statistics
Find Ancestors
Historical Census Data
Government Sites
Non-United States
Health and Medical
Diseases and Treatments
Drugs and Alternatives
Health Education
Language Tools
Dictionaries- English
Non-English and Translators
Thesauruses and Lexicography
Associations and Services
Interlibrary and Web Services
Online Library Catalogs
Maps and Atlases
Directions and Maps
Landmarks and Regions
Routes and Boundaries
KBs and FAQs
Search Engines
Addresses and Locations
Advanced Searches, Booleans, and Filters
Search Types and Syntax
Sources and Caveats