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Software Configuration Management


Our Software Configuration Management test measures your knowledge of how to practice the principles of configuration management during large software projects and when performing enhancements and maintenance on a continuous basis. Designed for experienced configuration managers, this test covers the following topics: CM Basics, CM Data, CM Planning, Configuration Audits, Configuration Control, Configuration Identification, Configuration Status Accounting, Defect Tracking, and General Knowledge.

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Test Outline

CM Basics
CM Goals
CM Process
Release Management
Roles and Responsibilities
CM Data
Data Management
CM Planning
CM Plan Components
Resource Requirements
Schedule and Milestones
SCM Implementation
Task Definition
Configuration Audits
Functional Configuration Audit
Other SCM Audits
Physical Configuration Audit
Configuration Control
Change Control Process
Configuration Control Board
Deviations and Waivers
Interface Control
Configuration Identification
Configuration Baselines
Identifying Configuration Items
Numbering System
Configuration Status Accounting
Status Accounting Database
Status Information
Status Reporting
Defect Tracking
Data Collection
Defect Metrics
Defect Reporting
General Knowledge
CM Management
CM Tools
Software Lifecycle
System-Level CM