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Business Ethics Awareness (U.S.)


Our Business Ethics Awareness (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of the application of ethical principles in various workplace situations. Designed for all professionals with a broad knowledge of the ethical concerns in a business environment, this test includes the following topics: Community/Societal Relations & Whistle-blowing, Conflicts of Interest, Employer Policies, Ethical Issues, Honesty & Confidentiality, Individual & Organizational Differences, Respect of Property Rights, Safety, Supplier/Vendor & Customer Treatment, and The Law.

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Test Outline

Community/Societal Relations & Whistle-blowing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Behavior
Justification for Whistle-blowing
Procedure for Whistle-blowing
Conflicts of Interest
Conflict Between Personal Gain & Company Gain
Gifts to/from Suppliers or Customers
Supervisory Relationships w/Personal Interests
Employer Policies
Knowledge of Company Ethics Program
Observations of Illegal &/or Unethical Conduct
Personal Adherence to Company Ethics Program
Respect of Timeliness
Ethical Issues
Ethical Reasoning
Honesty & Confidentiality
Confidentiality of Customer Information
Confidentiality of Employer Information
Discrediting Others
Requests to Engage in Unethical or Illegal Conduct
Individual & Organizational Differences
Fair Treatment
Privacy of Other's Personal Information
Respect of Other Cultures & Religions
Respect of Property Rights
Proprietary Information
Taking Property Under False Pretenses
Unauthorized Use of Property
Supplier/Vendor & Customer Treatment
Customer Deception
Customer Treatment
Misinformation to Suppliers
Property Rights of Suppliers
Supplier Abuse
The Law