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Novell NetWare 4.11 Administration


Our Novell NetWare 4.11 Administration test measures your ability to administer a network running Novell's NetWare 4.11 network operating system. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test covers the following topics: Administration, Directory Services, Installation and Configuration, Login, Partitions and Replicas, Printing, Security, Server Management, Time Synchronization, and Utilities,

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Test Outline

Accessing the File System
Backup Types
Client 32
Diverse Clients
File System
Managing the File System
Workstation Architecture
Directory Services
Benefits of an Effective Tree Design
Defining NDS
Maintaining NDS
Merging Trees
NDS and NetWare Bindery
NDS Naming
Object Types
Tree Structure
Installation and Configuration
Custom Installation
FTP Server
Integrating NetWare 3.x into a 4.11 Environment
Simple Installation
Upgrading NetWare 3.x to NetWare 4.14
Web Server
Web Server V2.51
Login Script Commands
Setting Up a NetWare 4 User
Partitions and Replicas
NDS Manager
Planning Partitions and Replicas
Printer Objects
Printing Concepts
Setting Up a Printing Environment
File System Security
Login Security
NDS Security
Server Security
Server Management
Configuration Files
Diskspace Optimization
Memory Optimization
NetWare Server Concepts
Packet Burst
Server Statistics
Time Synchronization
Managing Time Synchronization
Planning Time Synchronization
Graphical User Interface