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Novell GroupWise 5.5 Administration


Our Novell GroupWise 5.5 Administration test measures your ability to administer Novell's GroupWise 5.5 groupware software. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test covers the following topics: Document Management, GroupWise Client, GroupWise Structure, Net Access and Connectivity, Preparation, Server Installation and Configuration, Systems Maintenance, and User Administration.

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Test Outline

Document Management
Create & Manage a Library
GroupWise Client
Address Book
Attach a PDA and Synchronize
Direct Access Delivery and Client/Server
Document Management
Features of the GroupWise Client
Install and Configure the Client
Use Mail, Tasks, Folders and Cabinets, Reminders, Calendar
GroupWise Structure
Domain Directory
Identify Roles of MTAs
Post Office Directory
Routing Domains
The Message Store
Net Access and Connectivity
Async Gateway: Identify and Describe
Describe WebAccess
Gateways/Agents: Components & Functions
GWIA: Installation, Configure, & Secure
GWIA: Protocols and Internet Terminology
Install and Configure WebAccess
Native Internet Addressing
Client Platforms and Operating Systems
Coexistence with Earlier Versions
Responsibilities of a Email/Groupware Administrator
Server Installation and Configuration
Add a Second Post Office
Configure Scheduling
Create Secondary Domains
Install GroupWise on Server
Install MTA and Configure
Install Post Office and Configure
NWAdmin and Plug-in Modules
Systems Maintenance
Backup Databases
Create & Manage TCP/IP Links
Perform Database Management
Synchronize Domains
Test, Secure, & Troubleshoot a GroupWise System
User Administration
Create/Delete User, List, & Other Objects
Rename Objects & Describe Effects
Use the GroupWise View in NWAdmin