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Network Monitoring


Our Network Monitoring test measures your knowledge of the core aspects of monitoring and troubleshooting networks. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test covers the following topics: Architecture and Terminology; SNMP Background, Components and Commands; RMON Background, Components and Commands; Other Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools; System Design and Implementation; and Using SNMP and RMON Tools.

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Test Outline

Architecture and Terminology
Devices, Network Elements, Agents, and Proxies
ISO Network Management Model
Network Management Protocols and Communications
Network Management Systems, Element Managers
Operating Systems
Other Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools
Ping, Tracert, Route, etc.
Protocol Analyzers
Telnet and Command Line Interfaces
RMON Background, Components, and Commands
RMON Agents and Probes
RMON and RMON1 Background
RMON Groups
SNMP Background, Components, and Commands
Management Information Base (MIB)
SNMP Security
SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 Interoperability
Structure of Management Information
System Design and Implementation
Commercial NMS Platforms
Element Managers
Event Correlation and Root-Cause Analysis
Network Device discovery and Topology Mapping
Specialized Management Packages
Using SNMP and RMON Tools
Accounting Management
Configuration Management
Fault Management
Performance Management
Security Management