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Microsoft Security


Our Microsoft Security test measures your knowledge of various aspects of security including networks, operating systems, security control concepts, servers and client computers. Designed for experienced administrators, this test includes the following topics: Networks, Operating Systems, Patch Management, Security Best Practices, Security Controls, Security Incidents, Security Tools, and Servers.


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Test Outline

Microsoft Network Infrastructure
Perimeter Security
Operating Systems
Encrypting File System
Group Policy
Remote Management
Patch Management
Identifying Patches
Patch Compliance
Testing Patches
Wide Spread Deployment
Security Best Practices
Championing Security
Security Community
User Education
Security Controls
Access Controls
Authentication, Account Management
Physical Security
Security Incidents
Investigating Abnormal Activity
Monitoring Activity
Responding to a Security Incident
Security Tools
Malicious Software Removal Tool
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Microsoft Log Parser
Scripting Security
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft ISA
Microsoft SQL Server
Windows 2003