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MS Windows Server 2012 Administration


Our MS Windows Server 2012 Administration test measures your knowledge of Windows Server Administration. Designed for experienced Network Administrators, this test includes the following topics: Active Directory, Administrative Tasks, Computer Properties, Configuration and Management, Design and Installation, Local Security Policy, Networking, Security, and Server Management.


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Test Outline

Active Directory
Active Directory Domain Services
Domains and Forests
Installation and Configuration
Rights Management
Administrative Tasks
Command Line Administration
Event Viewer
Shared Folders
System Services
Task Manager
Computer Properties
Action Center
Device Manager
Programs and Features
Remote Desktop Settings
System Configuration
Configuration and Management
Administrative Tools
Devices and Printers
Local Users and Groups
Monitoring and Optimization
User Accounts Management
Design and Installation
Installation Requirements and Paths
Installations Options
Installing Server
Local Security Policy
Account Policies
Local Polices
System Audit Polices
Ethernet Properties Management
LAN Settings
Windows Firewall
File and Folder Permissions
Network Security
Physical Security
Security Polices and Templates
Server Management
Dashboard and Ribbon
Resource Monitor
Server Manager
Server Roles and Features
Start Screen and Charms Bars
Taskbar Properties