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MS Windows 98 Administration


Our MS Windows 98 Administration test measures your ability to administer a computer running Microsoft's Windows 98 operating system. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test covers the following topics: Configuring Win98, General Knowledge, Networking, Printers, System Administration, Troubleshooting, Utilities, and Win98 Architecture.

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Test Outline

Configuring Win98
Context Sensitive Help
Desktop Features
Dial-Up Networking
Folder Options
Input Devices
Plug & Play
Plug &Play
General Knowledge
Basic Features
Boot Sequence
Installation Process
Multimedia Configuration
Internet & Intranet
Netware Servers
Network Components
Other Protocols
Remote Use
Shared Resources
Configuration & Setup
Point & Print/Drag & Drop Printing
Print Options
Printing Components
Troubleshooting Network Printers
System Administration
Remote Administration
System Policies
User Profiles
Basic Registry Information
Editing The Registry
Log Files
Swapfile Management
System Applet
System Monitoring
Troubleshooting Tools
Disk Configuration
Disk Utilities
System Configuration
Win98 Architecture
Basic Architecture
System Resources