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MS SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services


Our MS SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services test measures your knowledge of MS SQL Server Reporting Services. Designed for experienced report designers, database administrators, developers and IT professionals, this test includes the following topics: Management, Report Creation, Report Data, Report Design, Report Execution, Schedule and Delivery, Security, and Troubleshooting.


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Test Outline

History, Cache and Snapshots
Operation Modes
Reporting Services Configuration Manager
SQL Server Management Studio
Report Creation
Preview, Print and Export
Report Builder
Report Definition Language
Report Designer
Report Data
Connections and Connection Strings
Data Sets
Data Source Publication
Data Sources
Report Design
Data Manipulation
Graphical Elements
Parameters and Expressions
Report Parts
Subreports and Drilldowns
Report Execution
Power View
Processing and Rendering Extensions
Report Manager
Report Server Web Services URL Access
Scheduling And Delivery
Data Alerts
Delivery Options
Authentication Extensions
Authentication Modes
Folders and Organization
Roles and Permissions
Report Problems
SSRS Errors and Events