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MS Project 2013


Our MS Project 2013 test measures your knowledge of MS Project 2013. Designed for experienced users, this test includes the following topics: Project Budgeting, Project Data, Project Planning, Project Reporting, Project Resources, Project Scheduling, Project Tracking, and Project Views.


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Test Outline

Project Budgeting
Actual vs. Planned Costs
Budget Planning
Cost and Budget
Project Data
Data Sharing
Importing and Exporting Data
Saving Projects and Data
Project Planning
Set Up and Options
Project Reporting
Graphical Reports
Report Creation
Reporting Tools
Project Resources
Calendars and Work Times
Resource Assignment
Resource Identification
Resource Management
Project Scheduling
Adjustments to Schedules
Task Estimates
Task Scheduling and Organization
Project Tracking
Checking and Controlling Progress
Critical Path and Task Paths
Identification of Issues
Tracking Tools
Project Views
Field Views
Resource Views
Task Views