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MS Internet Information Server 4.0 Administration


Our MS Internet Information Server 4.0 Administration test measures your knowledge of the process to administer Microsoft's Internet Information Server. Designed for experienced Web Administrators, this test focuses on the specifics of the MS Internet Information Server rather than broader concepts covered in the Web Server Administration test. This test covers the following topics: Configuration/Management of Resource Access, Installation/Configuration of IIS 4.0, Integration/Interoperability, Monitoring/Optimization, Planning, and Troubleshooting.

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Test Outline

Configuration/Management of Resource Access
Configure MS NNTP Service to Host a Newsgroup
Configure MS SMTP Service to Host Message Traffic
Create/Share Directories
Create/Share Virtual Directories
Create/Share Virtual Servers
Index a Web Site Via the Config of Index Server
Issue Certificates Via Certificate Server
Manage MIME Types
Manage the FTP Service
Manage the WWW Service
Manage Using MS Site Server Express Tools
Scripts to Manage FTP or WWW Services
Install/Configure IIS 4.0
Config/Use of MS Management Console
Configure IIS to Connect to Databases
Configure IIS to Run ISAPI Applications
Configure IIS to Support Server-Side Scripting
Configure IIS to Support the FTP Service
Configure IIS to Support WWW Service
Customization of MS Site Server Express Tools
IIS Admin Methods
Install IIS
Install/Configure Certificate Server (SSL)
Install/Configure MS NNTP Service
Install/Configure MS SMTP Service
Integrate IIS with Index Server
Analyze/Interpret Performance Data
Maintenance, Configuration, and Logging
Optimize the Performance of IIS
Optimize the Performance of Index Server
Optimize the Performance of Microsoft NNTP Service
Optimize the Performance of Microsoft SMTP Service
Optimize Web Sites Using Site Server Express Tools
Perf Mon to Monitor Performance
Implementation Strategies
Security Strategies
Technology Options
Resolution of IIS Configuration Problems
Resolution of IIS Errors Using Site Server Express
Resolution of Security Problems
Resolve FTP and WWW Service Problems
Resolve Index Server Query Problems
Resolve Resource Access Problems
Resolve Setup Issues/IIS on Windows NT Server
Resolve Setup Issues/IIS on Windows Server