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MS Exchange Server 2007 Administration


Our MS Exchange Server 2007 Administration test measures your ability to administer Microsoft's Exchange 2007 groupware software. Designed for experienced network administrators, this test includes the following topics: Storage Administration; Installation; Client Access Servers Management; Recipient Management; Public Folders; Security and Unified Messaging.

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Test Outline

Client Access Servers Management
Autodiscover Service
Outlook Anywhere
Outlook Web Access
Installation Issues
Installation Requirements
Migrating from Previous Versions of Exchange
Public Folders
Creating and Configuring Public Folders
Public Folder Administration
Public Folder Replication
Recipient Managment
Address Lists
Creating and Managing Recipients
Distribution Groups
Registered Extensions
Securing Server Roles
Security Configuration Wizard
Security Functions
Storage Administration
Creating and Administering Databases
Creating and Administering Storage Groups
Planning for Storage Groups
Public Folder Databases
Unified Messaging
Installing Unified Messaging
Managing UM Objects
Managing UM Users
UM Architecture
UM IP Gateways
UM Mailbox Policies