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Listening/Reading Comprehension - Chinese


Our Chinese Listening/Reading Comprehension (Mandarin) test measures your retention and listening skills. Designed for all Chinese speakers and also for those whom Chinese is a second language, this test requires that you listen to passages and then answer questions related to what was said. This test covers the following topics: Communicating in the Workplace, Comprehending the Media, Dealing with Professionals, Organizing Trips and Activities, Responding to Social Situations, and Speaking Interpersonally. This test presents all question and answer choices in Mandarin Chinese.


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Test Outline

Communicating in the Workplace (工作中的沟通)
Conversing Electronically and answering messages (使用电子工具交流、答复信息)
Explaining Performance Evaluations (表现评估)
Expressing Concerns (表示关心)
Following Instructions and Safety (遵守规章和安全制度)
Learning Office Equipment (学习使用办公设备)
Listening to announcements (听通知)
Meeting Deadlines (遵守期限)
Participating at Interviews (参加面试)
Participating at Meetings (参加会议)
Resolving Conflicts (解决冲突)
Responding to Emergencies (对紧急情况的回应)
Understanding Presentations(理解发言)
Comprehending the Media (对媒体的理解)
Analyzing Newscasts (分析新闻)
Interpreting Newpaper Headlines (理解报纸标题)
Responding to Local Emergencies (对当地紧急情况的回应)
Understanding Weather Forcasts (理解天气预报)
Using Business Reports (使用商业报告)
Dealing with Professionals (和职业人士一起工作)
Consulting Experts (咨询专家)
Explaining Banking and Financial Information (解释银行和金融信息)
Making Appointments (商务约见)
Relocating (工作调动)
Responding to Social Situations (对社交活动的回应)
Attending Parties (参加聚会)
Attending Sports Events (参加运动)
Complaining (投诉)
Describing Locations and Giving Directions (描述位置和指方向)
Dining out and Ordering (外出就餐和点菜)
Making Reservations (预约)
Speaking Interpersonally (人际交往)
Networking (建立关系网)
Replying to Personal Instructions (回应个人介绍)
Sharing Experiences (分享经验)