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Listening Comprehension - Korean


Our Korean Listening Comprehension test measures your retention and listening skills. Designed for all Korean speakers and also for those whom Korean is a second language, this test requires that you listen to passages and then answer questions related to what was said. This test covers the following topics: Communicating in the Workplace, Comprehending the Media, Dealing with Professionals, Organizing Trips and Activities, Responding to Social Situations, and Speaking Interpersonally. In this test, while the passages are heard in Korean, all questions and answer choices are presented in English.


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Test Outline

Communicating in the Workplace(직장에서의 대화)
Conversing Electronically and Answering Messages(이 메일로 대화하고 답장해주기)
Explaining Performance Evaluations(직장 능력평가 설명하기)
Expressing Concerns(걱정거리 표현하기)
Following Instructions and Safety(사용방법과 안전수칙 따르기)
Learning Office Equipment(사무기기 다루기)
Listening to Announcements(알림 방송 듣기)
Meeting Deadlines(마감 날짜 맞추기)
Participating at Meetings(사무실 희의 참여)
Participating in Interviews(면접 참가하기)
Resolving Conflicts(문제 해결)
Responding to Emergencies(응급조치)
Understanding Presentations(발표의 이해)
Comprehending the Media(메스컴의 이해)
Analyzing Newscasts(뉴스 방송 분석하기)
Interpreting Newspaper Headlines(신문 표제 해석하기)
Responding to Local Emergencies(현지 비상사태 대처하기)
Understanding Weather Forecasts(일기예보 이해하기)
Using Business Reports(사업 보고서 사용하기)
Dealing with Professionals(전문가와의 관계)
Consulting Experts(전문가들과의 상담)
Explaining Banking and Financial Information(은행계좌와 재무정보 설명하기)
Making Appointments(예약 하기)
Relocating(주거 이전)
Responding to Social Situations(사회적 환경에 응답하기)
Attending Parties(파티 참석하기)
Attending Sports Events(운동게임 참석하기)
Describing Locations and Giving Directions(위치 설명과 주소 알려주기)
Dining Out and Ordering(외식과 주문)
Making Reservations(예약 하기)
Speaking Interpersonally(대인관계)
Replying to Personal Introductions(소개받았을때 답해주기)
Sharing Experiences(경험나누기)