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Linux Administration (Red Hat)


Our Linux Administration (Red Hat) test measures your knowledge of the Red Hat implementation of Linux. This test covers general Linux questions; we recommend individuals seeking to certify their core Linux skills complete our Linux Administration (General) test. Designed for experienced administrators, this test covers the following topics: Administration, Desktop Environment, General Issues, Installation, Networking, and Security.

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Test Outline

Daemons, Run Levels
Multiple Configurations
Open Source Issues
Package Management
Users, Shells
Desktop Environment
Window Managers
General Issues
Open Source Issues
RedHat Derivatives
RedHat History
Boot, Multi-Boot
Disk Partitioning
Hardware - Drives and Peripherals
Local Installation
Network Installation
Package Selection
XFree86 Setup
Firewalls and NAT
Info Services - HTTP, FTP, DNS, Mail
Internetworking (Samba, IPX)
Network Security
Print Services
Setup and Routing
Filesystem Security (Permissions)
Intrusion Detection
Password Management (NIS, Shadow)
Quotas and Logging
Wrappers, PAM