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IP Routing & Switching


Our IP Routing and Switching test measures your knowledge of the protocols and concepts used by routers switches employing Internet protocol. Designed for experienced WAN engineers, this test covers the following topics: Advanced Routing Topics, General Knowledge, IP Addressing, IP Multicast, IP Routing Protocols, and Layer 2 Switching.

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Test Outline

General Knowledge
LAN Technologies
TCP/IP Protocol Suite
WAN Technologies
IP Addressing
General Principles
IP Routing Protocols
BGP Design
BGP Operation
General Principles
IS-IS Design
IS-IS Operation
Multicast Routing Protocols
OSPF Design
OSPF Operation
RIP Design
RIP Operation
Layer 2 Switching
ATM LAN Emulation
Ethernet Switching
General Bridging Concepts
Spanning Tree Protocol
Token Ring Bridging & Switching
VLAN & VLAN Trunking