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Disaster Recovery and Planning


Our Disaster Recovery and Planning test measures your knowledge of recovery techniques in the event of a disaster. Designed for administrators, this test covers the following topics: Essential Concepts and Terminology, Exposure and Risk Analysis, Disaster Prevention (Avoidance), Planning Fundamentals, Asset Management, Backups and Offsite Storage, Communications, Preparation Essentials, Recovery/Interim Restoration, and Relocation to Primary Site/Final Restoration.

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Test Outline

Asset Management
Asset Criticality/Ranking
Asset Management Process
Change Management
Backups and Offsite Storage
Data Backup Strategies
Data Backup/Storage Process
Data Storage Requirements
System Backups
Communications Processes
Communications Systems
External Communications
Internal Communications
Public Relations
Disaster Prevention (Avoidance)
Access Controls
Environmental Controls
Power Considerations
Prevention Process
Essential Concepts and Terminology
Audit Requirements
Disaster Recovery Plan Benefits
Essential Terminology
Legal/Contractual Requirements
Limitations Of Disaster Recovery Planning
Exposure and Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis Process
Risk Assessment
Threat Assessments
Time Factors
Vulnerability Assessments
Planning Fundamentals
Crisis Management
Group Formations
Human Factors
Planning Process
Preparation Essentials
Plan Test And Evaluation
Remediation Activities
Recovery/Interim Restoration
Application Recovery
End-User Recovery
Network Recovery
Recovery Process
System Recovery
Relocation to Primary Site/Final Restoration
Application Restoration
End-User Restoration
Network Restoration
Restoration Process
System Restoration