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Computer Electronics


Our Computer Electronics test measures your knowledge in the core areas of electronics necessary to understand and maintain computers. This test covers the following topics: Diagnostics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering Principles, Electronics Application, Electronics Theory, and Safety.


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Test Outline

Cathode Ray Tubes
Circuit Boards
Instrumentation & Calibration
Integrated Circuits
Network Interface Cards
Electrical/Electronic Engineering Principles
Manufacturing & Populating Circuit Boards
Valence Electrons (3-4-5 Rule)
Electronics Application
DC Circuit Analysis
Electromagnetic Interference
Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV)
Electronics Theory
Color Code for Resistors
Kirchoff's Law
Ohm's Law
Schematic Symbols
Electrostatic Discharge
FCC & UL Compliance
Precautions with live circuitry
Precautions with live current
Transformers & Capacitors