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Check Point FireWall-1 Administration


Our Check Point FireWall-1 4.0 Administration test measures your knowledge of designing and maintaining firewalls using Check Point's FireWall-1 application. Designed for experienced web administrators, this test covers the following topics: Authentication, FW-1 GUIs, FW-1 Installation/Architecture, FW-1 Management, General Knowledge, Network Address Translation, and Security Policy/Rule Base.

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Test Outline

Client Authentication
General Knowledge
Session Authentication
User Authentication
Log Viewer GUI
Security Policy GUI
System Status GUI
FW-1 Installation/Architecture
FW-1 Modules
FW-1 Management
Network Objects Mgr
Resources Mgr
Server Mgr
General Knowledge
General Knowledge
System Requirements
Network Address Translation
General Knowledge
Hide Mode Translation
Static Mode Translation
Security Policy/Rule Base
Implicit Rules
Rule Base
Security Policy Properties