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Amazon Web Services


Our Amazon Web Services test measures your knowledge of the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform. Designed for experienced IT professionals, network administrators and system administrators, this test includes the following topics: Account Management, Content Delivery and Search, Data Warehouse and Big Data, Databases, High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Instance Management, Migration, Security, and Storage.


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Test Outline

Account Management
Account Management API's
Identity and Access Management
Managing User Keys and Certificates
Content Delivery and Search
Payment Services
Data Warehouse and Big Data
Cluster Management
Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop
Redshift Cluster
Amazon SimpleDB
In-Memory Computing
Relational Database Service
Third-Party Databases
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Plan
High Availability Configurations
Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective
Storage Gateway
Instance Management
AMI Creation
Command-line Interface
Copying AMIs
Management Console
Data Migration
Data Pipeline
Messaging Service
Migration to New Region
Simple Queue Service
Multi-level Security
Network Access Control List
Network Security
Regulatory Compliance
Security Groups
Storage Security
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
Simple Storage Service (S3)
Storage Gateway