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Make Your Website a Brainbench Affiliate


Want to monetize your Website or blog? Promoting Brainbench will allow you to earn commissions for your efforts and make your Website more profitable. Ideal candidates to the Brainbench Affiliate Program include sites related to technology, education, software, career skills self-improvement, resume, job boards, and other applicable topics.

Link directly from your Website to more than 600 skills assessments and certifications. Earn up to 30% commission on all qualified online purchases and subscriptions for customers you send. You will even continue to earn commissions when customers revisit our site and complete orders, even if they come directly to Brainbench and not via your link.

join freeSet up your affiliate account

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be provided with instructions on how to set up your account through our 3rd party vendor providing the affiliate services. You will have access to the Brainbench banners and code needed to set up your link. You will also be able to produce reports and track program results.

explorePromote Brainbench in your e-mail, Website or social media

We provide the links and banners that include pixel tracking codes specific to your affiliate ID. When a customer clicks one of our provided links, they will receive a return cookie that will last for 30 days. We take care of the order processing and customer service. Host the links or banners on your blog, company Website or landing page, social media, and more. Promoting Brainbench is that easy!

more infoStart Earning

Products on and commissions you can earn through your links:

  • One-time 30% commission on 1 Year Annual Subscription

  • One-time 30% commission on pre-paid 3 month for Monthly Subscription

  • 30% commission on Certification Tests

  • 30% commission on Printed Certificates

  • 30% commission on Electronic Certificates

  • It's free, so get started today!