Brainbench Marketing Solutions

Company Description: Since 1998, Brainbench, an SHL company, has been committed to helping individuals reach their professional goals by delivering innovative easy-to-use online assessments, skill certifications, and associated learning resources. Customers will benefit from these value propositions: Convenience, Value, Selection, and Innovation.
By partnering with Brainbench, over 10 million members across the world have advanced their skills and their careers, and over 13,000 businesses have found better ways to screen and select candidates, track and develop employee skills, and differentiate employees to current and prospective clients. Corporate clients include numerous members of the Fortune 500, various U.S. Government agencies, and many universities and colleges.
Brainbench has over 600 skill certifications and assessments to offer individuals. Testing categories include Aptitude, Computer Software, Essential Skills, Financial, Health Care, Industry Knowledge, Information Technology, Languages and Communication, Management, Office Skills, and more.
Demographics: Brainbench has a global presence with a majority of its visitors originating from the United States. 65% of our 600 tests are technology related.
Visitors utilize our site to:
  • Obtain Career Advancements
  • Increase Current Pay
  • Validate Skill Sets
  • Complete Pre-employment screening
  • Initiate Career Changes
  • Build Their Resumes
  • Receive Recognition
  • Assess their skills and find ways to improve them
Advertising Options:
Hundreds of thousands of visitors assess their skills online with Brainbench every month, enabling you to reach a large audience of skilled professionals and individuals seeking career advancements. Brainbench has diverse online and offline advertising and co-marketing opportunities.
To inquire about the marketing opportunities best for your needs, you may contact us at (703) 674-3309, or e-mail us at