RDBMS Concepts

Test Outline

Data Models
Primary Keys
Symbols and Terminology
Transform Requirements into an ERD
Transform an ERD into Relational Tables
Manage Databases and Enterprises
Data Warehouses
Database System Architectures
Disaster Recovery
Manage Transactions
Transactions Logs
Data Modification Anomalies
First and Boyce-Codd Normal Forms
Functional Dependencies
Physical Database Design
Develop Tables
File Structures
Index Management
Relational Data Model
Integrity Rules
Relational Elements
Relational Operators
SQL Application Development
Develop Functions and Procedures
Develop Triggers
Develop Views
Problems with NULL
SQL Query Development
Delete Records
Retrieve Records from Tables
Subqueries and Derived Tables
Summary Operators
Update Data
Troubleshoot Existing Applications
Identify Code to Tune
Modify Code
Modify Logical Model
Modify Physical Data Model


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