Macromedia FreeHand 9

Test Outline

Color, Strokes, and Fills
Adjusting/Modifying Colors
Applying Strokes and Fills
Customizing Strokes and Fills
Document Window
Customizing FreeHand
Using Inspectors
Working With Toolsets
Drawing by Automatic Options
Using Drawing Tools
Moving / Merging Layers
Using the Layers Panel
Modifying Attributes
Find & Replace Graphics
Illustrating with Stored Graphics
Modifying Objects
Adding Drop Shadows & Embossing
Using Blends
Modifying Shape & Position
Using Envelopes
Using Reflections to Create Patterns
Using Transformation Tools
Using Styles
Using Symbols and Instances
Using Perspective Grids
Using the Perspective Tool
Setting Up and PostScript Prepress Options
Symbols & Instances
Creating Symbols & Instances
Modifying Symbols
Saving a Document as a Template
Setting a Template as Default
Advanced Text Handling
Flowing & Wrapping Text on Paths
Working With Inline Graphics
Working With Text as Objects
Working with Other Applications
Bringing Files Into FreeHand
File Types (Vector vs. Bitmap
Sending Images to Other Applications
Working with Various File Types
Installing and Removing Xtras
Using the Xtras Toolbar


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