MS Windows NT 4.0 Administration

Test Outline

Account Administration
Account Policies
Creation of User Accounts
Local Accounts vs. Domain Accounts
Executive Services
User Mode vs. Kernel Mode
Boot Process
Boot.ini and ARC Paths
Intel-based Boot Files
Troubleshooting-ERD, Last Known Good, Rdisk, etc.
Directory Replication
Configuring Directory Replication
Import vs. Export Servers
Directory Services
Adding a Computer Account to the Domain
Creating Trust Relationships
Domain vs. Workgroup
Trust Models
Group Administration
Creation of Groups
Global Groups vs. Local Groups
Group Strategy in a Multiple Domain Environment
Group Strategy in a Single Domain Environment
Answer Files and Udf Files
File Systems
Hardware Platforms
Methods of Installation
NT Hardware Qualifier & Compatibility List
NT Server Config as PDC or Member Server
Winnt vs. Winnt32 and Switches
Network Services
Browser Service
Client/Gateway Services for Netware, FPNW
Remote Access Service
Server Service
Workstation Service
NT Administration Tools
Backup and Restore
Disk Administrator
Event Viewer
Network Client Administrator
Network Monitor
NT Diagnostics
Performance Monitor
Server Manager
System Policy Editor
User Manager for Domains
Interaction of Shared Folder and NTFS Permissions
NTFS Permissions
Permissions vs. User Rights
Print Permissions
Shared Folder Permissions
Parts of the Registry
Tools to Access the Registry
System Policies
Creation of 95 System Policies in an NT Domain
Creation of NT System Policies in an NT Domain
User Policies vs. Computer Policies
Domain Name Service
IP Addressing
Windows Internet Name Service
User Profiles
Local vs. Roaming
Mandatory User Profiles
What Is Included


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