MS Windows 7 Desktop Administration

Test Outline

Advanced Administrative Tools
Batch Files, Scripting, and Run line
Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell 2.0
Local Security Policy
Registry Editor
System Configuration
Desktop Management
Appearance and Display Settings
Backgrounds, Themes, and Gadgets
Start Menu and Taskbar
Group Policy Configuration
Control Panel and Desktop
Start Menu and Taskbar
System and Windows Components
Windows Settings
Windows Easy Transfer
Windows Editions
Internet and Networking
Internet Options
Network and Sharing Center
Windows Firewall
Windows Update
Performance Information and Tools
Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter
Event Viewer
Performance Monitor
Resource Monitor
Windows Task Manager
Action Center
User Accounts and Passwords
Windows Defender
System Applications
Ease of Access Tools
General Accessories
Remote Desktop Connection
System Tools
System Configuration
Device Manager
Files, Folders, and Fonts
Local Users and Groups
Programs and Features
Sound and Speech Recognition
System Management
Backup and Restore, Recovery
Default Programs
Devices and Printers
Windows Explorer


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