MS Front Page 2000

Test Outline

Creating & Managing Webs
Adding Meta Tags to Web Pages
Creating Web Sites
Formatting Web Pages
Modifying Web Sites
Creating Tables & Forms
Creating & Inserting Tables
Creating Forms for Non-FP Extended Web Sites
Editing Form Elements & Documents
Editing Table Properties
Using Hidden Fields & Providing Confirmation
Creating Web Pages
Creating New Web Pages
Editing & Modifying Existing Web Pages
Saving & Printing Pages
FP Client Compatibility
Browser Differences
Editing Table Properties
FrontPage Active Elements
Front Page Components
Inserting Plug-ins & Scripts
Integration with Design-Time Controls
Using 3rd Party Add-ins to Aid in Scripting
Using ActiveX Controls & Java Applets
General Knowledge
FP Hyperlinks View
FP Navigation View
FP Page View
Root Webs and Sub Webs
Upgrading From Previous Versions
Importing Images & Editing Image Properties
Integration of Audio & Video
Publishing Web Sites
Publishing to a non-FP Extended Server
Publishing to an FP-Extended Server
Troubleshooting Publishing Errors
Site Analysis, Design, & Maintenance
Analyzing Site Requirements
Choosing the Correct Technologies
Templates, Wizards, Tasks, & Frames
Creating Web Pages with Templates
Creating Web Pages with Wizards
Defining Frame Targets
Using Frame Templates & Modifying Framed Pages
Working with Tasks
Web Servers, Server Mgmt, & Server Extensions
Access Authentication
Database Integration
The FrontPage File System
Utilizing Visual SourceSafe
Web Server Settings & Administration using IIS
Web Technologies
Adding and Customizing Themes
Adding Cascading Style Sheets Using the CSS Editor
Database Connectivity
New Features of FP2K


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