Lotus Notes 4.0 Administration

Test Outline

Domino Server
Access - Anonymous Access, Registered Users
Activity Logging
Basic Database ACL Settings
Database Security
Domain Names, Domain Name Registration, and DNS
Secure Sockets
Infrastructure Design And Planning
Application Replication
E-mail Infrastructure
E-mail Routing
Hierarchical Naming Structure
Hierarchical Naming Structure Codes
Name and Address Books
Replication Structure - Hierarchical
Replication Structure - Hub And Spoke
Replication Structure - Peer To Peer
Replication Structure Types
Using Notes Workstation Replication Page
Installation and Setup
Certified IDs
Client Setup - General
Configuring Calendar and Scheduling
Configuring Domino
Configuring E-mail and Replication
Configuring Notes Passthru
Configuring Remote Access and Modem Files
Configuring Shared Mail
Server Setup - First Server
Server Setup - Other Servers
Server Software Setup - General
Name and Address Book
Certifier Records
Group Records
Location Records
Mail-In Database Records
Person Records
Server Configuration Records
Server Domain Records
Server Program Records
Server Records
Upgrading Client Desktops
Notes Infrastructure
ACL Settings and Effects on Replication
Certifiers and Authentication
External Connectivity
Multiple Name and Address Books
Notes Database Access
Notes Database Links
Notes Server - Physical Access
Safe IDs
Server Access Lists
Specific ACL Types
Notes Networking
Network Protocols
Token Ring
Web Navigator
Wide Area Networks
Notes Security
Access Roles In Name and Address
Access Troubleshooting
ACL - Advanced
ACL - Basics
ACL - Log
ACL - Roles
Field Access
Folder Access
Form Access
Section Access
View Access
Notes Server Administration
Administration Server Setup and Usage
Calendar and Scheduling
Configuring ACL
Configuring Notes Quotas and Limits
Controlling Server Replication
Corrupt Databases
Disaster Planning
E-mail Routing
Information Tracking
Mail Tracing
Monitoring Notes Server
Multiple Domains
Notes Rollout
Recertifying Users and Servers
Registering New Users, Certifier's and Server IDs
Renaming Servers and Users


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