Citrix Administration

Test Outline

Access Gateway
Access Gateway StandAlone
Access Gateway with AAC
Access Gateway with Web Interface Integration
Access Platform
Access Infrastructure Vertical Markets
Datacenter Solutions
Security and Control
Single Sign On
ICA Clients
Java Client Configuration
Macintosh Client Configuration
Program Neighborhood Agent Client
Program Neighborhood Client Configuration
Web Client Configuration
License Server
License Server for High Availability
License Use and Availability
License to New Server
New License
Password Manager
First Time Use
Password Manager Agent Deployment
Self Service Password Recovery
Template Creation
User Configurations
Presentation Server Deployment
Automatic installation package using msiexec
DataStore Design and Architecture
Printer Drivers Management
Presentation Server Maintenance
Autoreplication for Printer Drivers
Content Publishing
Custom Load Evaluator
Resource Manager Summary Database
Presentation Server Troubleshooting
DataStore Availability - QFarm.exe
ICA Listener Availability - Registry
XML Service TCP Port
Web Interface
Java Client in a Web Interface Site
New Web Interface Site
Program Neighborhood Site
Web Interface Branding


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