Test Outline

Architecture and Support
Error Handling and Fault Management
Performance and Tracing
Web Application and Service Basics
ASP.NET Controls
AJAX Controls
AJAX Extender Controls
AJAX Integration
Data Binding
Web Controls
ASP.NET Enhancements
ASP.NET Dynamic Data Services
ASP.NET Routing
Dynamic Data Services
Security and Service Enhancements
Syndication Services
ASP.NET Essentials
Event Model
Page Directives
Page Life-Cycle and States
Profile and Identity Services
Session Management
Data Management
Entity Framework
Expression Trees
Relational Database Management Systems
XML and Web Service Data Providers
Design and Visual Media
ASP.NET Master Pages and Templating
Control Rendering and User Agent Detection
Master Pages and Templating
Extending ASP.NET
Application Configuration and Security
Custom Handler and Module Classes
Custom Server Controls
Web Services
AJAX Integration
Web Service
Web Service Security
Windows Communication Foundation


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